The New Mutants is supposed to be the next entry to the X-Men franchise, but has turned to be a source of memes and jokes after its two delay. 20th Century Fox has initially announced that the movie will come out to the box office in 2018 with the first trailer, followed by a delay to 2019, and then the latest deadline: April 3, 2020.

However, since the last Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox, we haven't got any information about The New Mutants yet. And while people are thinking maybe this horror movie will be another April Fool's jokes, Director Josh Boon has given us a great news: a new trailer is coming very soon!

Before getting into the details, let's watch the first trailer of the movie again to catch some horror vibes of what will happen in the movie:

About The New Mutants

X-Men: New Mutants or The New Mutants (since we can call the X-Men series 'ended' after Dark Phoenix) is a horror movie from the director Josh Boone. It takes the settings in the world of the X-Men film franchise but will follow a brand new group of mutants that have never appeared in the original movie.

The story happens inside a secret 'hospital' - a haunted facility to keep the mutants in check. The young mutants gradually figure out about their abnormal abilities, as well as the dirty secrets behind the motive and behaviors of the facilities. Using their new power, the crew will have to find a way to escape from the hospital.

The New Mutants New Trailer Coming Soon 3
Will the new mutants be able to get through their terror?

Featuring the young and talented faces in Hollywood such as Charlie Heaton (Jonathan Byers from Stranger Things), Maisie Williams (Arya Stark from Game of Thrones), and Anya Taylor-Joy (Casey from Glass), The New Mutants is promised to be a new eerie beginning to the fan-favorited world of X-Men.

The New Mutants New Trailer Coming Soon 5
Featuring the most talented 9x actors and actresses in the industry

X-Men: New Mutants will follow Chris Claremont's story, mainly rotating around the Vol.1 of The New Mutants comics from chapter 18 to chapter 38. Hence, it will still set in X-Men universe, and will not be a proper Marvel-created X-Men movie.

The New Mutants New Trailer Coming Soon 2
The New Mutants (movie) will follow Chris Charemont's work

Out in cinemas on April 3, a new trailer coming soon

At his recent Instagram post, director Josh Boone has revealed that a new teaser of The New Mutants is coming the next Monday (January 6, to be exact). He stated that the crew is very excited to share their results after a long time working on the movie to make it even scarier to us. The movie was re-shooted significantly back in 2018 to enhance the horror elements.

The New Mutants New Trailer Coming Soon 1
A new trailer for X-Men: New Mutants is coming soon

Previously, Boone also revealed that The New Mutants takes inspiration from both the comics and the modern horror movies such as Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club from John Hughes. If nothing changes, the movie will strike box office on April 3 for western markets.

At the same time, X-Men: New Mutants is not going to be the final installment in the franchise yet. Even though Dark Phoenix has set the end for many of our famous heroes in the most terrible way possible, Deadpool is not going to be concluded.

Deadpool Marvel Cinematic Universe Mcu
Deadpool 3 is on the work, rumors said to connect MCU and X-Men Universe

The leading actress - Ryan Reynolds has affirmed that Deadpool 3 is on its producing state under Marvel Studios' label. He also teased that it might be the bridge connecting the X-Men franchise with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Before that, we might have seen another "very different" X-Men movie from Marvel, as Kevin Feige has teased back in Comic-Con last year.

I can't wait to find out!