Coronavirus infection is hard to be spotted in the incubation time. But scientists have discovered an obvious sign of coronavirus infection: losing the sense of smell. They found out that many coronavirus cases cannot smell even when they haven’t shown any infection symptoms. 

An Obvious Symptom of Infection

A Covid-19-positive mother cannot smell her baby's diaper. Some coronavirus-positive cooks cannot smell many herbs and spices. And The New York Times reported a new finding of scientists: losing the sense of smell. 

Coronavirus Sgn
Losing the sense of smell can be a sign of coronavirus infection

A group of respiratory doctors from the UK cited the data collected by other doctors and warned people with this symptom do self-isolation. Although the data sources are still limited, losing the sense of smell and taste can be a sign of coronavirus infection.

Losing Sense Of Smell
Many patients reported that they cannot smell

Professor Claire Hopkins, president of the Nose Research Association in English, warned people with this symptom. He said they just wanted to raise people’s awareness of the danger of this pandemic. This finding can help cure more people of this deadly virus. 

Clear Evidence

On March 22nd, the Academy of Otolaryngology in the US reported that many patients of coronavirus lost their sense of smell and taste. In Italy and Germany, two big epicenters in Europe, there are a lot of coronavirus-positive cases that also showed this symptom. 

Cannot Smell
Coronavirus patients cannot smell herbs, spices, and other things

Even when they have not shown any infection symptoms, even the mildest symptoms like cough or fever. This finding of scientists helps early coronavirus infection identification. People with this symptom will suspect themselves as positive cases and stay isolated. 

Sense Of Smell Coronavirus
Coronavirus infection affects your sense of smell in the early stage before you show other symptoms.

Moreover, it also helps prevent the spread of viruses. It's because this deadly virus can spread among people right in the incubation time. Hopefully, this finding will help control the pandemic.