There are a lot of fictional novels telling stories where the gaming ability is successfully used in extensive combats. Although they all are fictional novels written in the past, it looks like those visions are coming to reality now.

We all know the fact that people who play video games intensively usually have fast reflexions, low response times. They are the ones who show the capability of making decisions under pressure and adapting to complex situations. All of those are obviously the qualities for a fighting person.

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Pro gamers have outstanding qualities

Yes, of course, gamers are usually known to have a weak physical condition, too. This is the result of sitting in front of the screen and playing too many games. But pro gamers now will have to go to the gym at least 30 minutes to one hour a day. This is an innovation in the esports industry since the esports organizations have realized that physical fitness can bring much higher results for pro gamers. The requirement of working out regularly for pro gamers has not only pushed all the esports industry forward, but it also changed the most significant problem of gamers. And it seems like the Danish military has discovered that this change has more positive results than just improving all the gaming and esports industry.

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If this is how pro gamers look nowadays, then perhaps people should change their mind

The Danish Defence has expressed their interest in recruiting people from the gaming community. Its interest was ignited after it has run some tests with pro players from the world best CS:GO pro team at the moment (which is also a Danish team): team Astralis.


The Danish Defence is changing people's old mindset

No one wants to hire this kind of gamer to become soldier

Yes, the sad fact is that not all gamers can be useful in the military environment. But the inception of the relationship between gaming and being soldiers was founded. And if gamers can build up the habit of training their body regularly, they have the capabilities to do far more than their imagination.