Nowadays, hardly anyone can be unaware of the rapid development of social networking sites, especially including celebrities. Among a great number of stars making their personal branding on those platforms, “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson should be the most successful individual. Used to be famous for his character in Fast and Furious and The Scorpion King, now The Rock is much more well-known as a hot Instagram influencer who can earn a staggering fortune from promotion posts!

The Rock 1
He becomes a hot Instagrammer now.

According to the statistics by Instagram Rich List 2020 published on the Hopper HQ, The Rock has become the highest earner on this social networking platform, even surpassing “the online queen” Kylie Jenner. At the moment, his 189-million-follower account, as well as his impressively high engagement rate, is helping each of his advertisement posts worth more than 1 million dollars. 

The Rock 2
$1 million a post?!
The Rock 3
Thanks to 189 million followers!

But actually, our famous actor does not find hid ad offers from various high-end brands very interesting. Instead, he prefers updating photos of his beloved family, his intensive workouts, or his entertaining moments, which usually receive a very high rate of interaction. Besides, he also makes full use of this virtual gold mine to promote his own beverage brand!

The Rock 4

The Rock 5
His adorable family!

Anyway, The Rock seems to be quite indifferent to his advertising rate because of his name in the list of highest-income Hollywood actors and his gigantic net worth that is valued at $320 million. However, the record of the highest-paid advertisement post belonged to Kylie Jenner. She once had an advertisement offer worth 1.2 million dollars before being taken her first place on the chart. And having a lower rank in the chart is no one except the global football star Christiano Ronaldo.