Blckswanette is the streamer with the shortest career in the world. She got a ban only after 15 minutes she started her debut live-stream because she showed off the boobs blatantly. Check out this story here.

The Streamer Got The Fastest Ban Due To Making Obscene Content

The debut live-stream is a very important event in the career life of any streamer because it will leave the deepest impression about them in the audiences' minds. Besides, a successful debut also affects their career a lot. But this streamer seems to not care. She didn't hesitate to show a lot of sensitive images and ignore all the regulations of the streaming platform about sexy content.

Streamer Blckswanette Got The Fastest Ban

This streamer, nicknamed Blckswanette, started to go live-stream on Afreeca TV. As a beginner, her debut live-stream seemed to be successful when it attracted over 5,000 viewers on the mainstream. They were curious about the content Blckswanette would bring them. But soon after, they were disappointed by the sensitive, ridiculous, and erotic content of the streamer.

Blckswanette Got Ban
She wore a too sexy dress on the broadcast

She didn't make any interesting content, dance, sing, or play games like other streamers. Blckswanette even didn't contact with audiences. She only put on a scanty tank top revealing most of her boobs, making most of the viewers get bored and disappointed. But many viewers still gave her another chance to convince them and kept waiting to see what she would do next. However, the streamer totally let them down.

Too Sexy Content
She even jumped to make her boobs bounce

Blckswanette just started to jump and tried to make her boobs bounce as if it would bounce out of the low-neck tank top. A lot of viewers reported her obscene content on live-stream. Right after that, Afreeca TV gave her a permanent ban and removed her channel. Her channel was blocked only 15 minutes after she started her debut broadcast. It must be one of the fastest bans.

Blckswanette Wore Tank Top
A lot of audiences reported obscene content
It Is One Of The Fastest Bans
It Is One Of The Fastest Bans