Netflix has probably expected the Witcher to be a big hit, as they have planned to make yet another season for the show even before the series was officially released. Looks like they were right, as the audience’s reactions after a week are very positive so far. On all reputable review sites, the audience scores are sky-high, with gushing reviews all over the place.

3617518 The Witcher Netflix Geralt
Cavill's version of Geralt was pretty striking

The show premiered a week ago on Netflix, featuring Man of Steel Henry Cavill as the monster hunter Geralt of Rivia. Despite having the same title as CD Projekt Red’s famous game trilogy, the show is based on the books, of which events preceded the games. Fans of the game would still be at home, as a lot of game characters would appear in the book.

According to IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, people just can’t get enough of Geralt. Currently, the user score of IMDB is sitting at a comfortable 8.7, with over one hundred thousand votes, which is actually better than Netflix’s other hit series, Stranger Things. The current score also earned the Witcher a spot in the top 100 best TV shows of all time on IMDB, which is not an easy feat. The Rotten Tomatoes score of the show is even higher, with an astounding 93% approval.

Thewitcher 101 Unit 08529 Rt Pkej748hf Scaled
Geralt's duel against Renfri in the first episode of the show

However, the critics seem to be working against this show, as their reviews, in general, are less than stellar. Based on most of the reviews, it is implied that they hate this show because of its lack of political messages, and most of them haven't even heard about the games. Fans of the games trilogy are amongst the most staunch supporters, as they have even mod Henry Cavill’s Geralt face into The Witcher 3.

Witcher Yennefer
The show's version of Yennefer has done a pretty good job

It is not uncommon to see such disparity between audience and critics, as the big companies often buy them out before a big movie’s release (like The Last Jedi, which is a flaming pile of garbage) or attack their competitors. In this case, with Disney Plus on the rise, those critics are very likely to be on Disney’s payroll, as Netflix is their biggest competitor at the moment.

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