Another year is coming to an end, and 2018 is not an easy year for us with a bunch of offensive content floating and catching our attention on the Internet.

While there are good things somewhere online but the bad is too rampant for us to pretend they did not happen.

So here we give you the worst things on the internet. Some you may have heard, or follow, some might sound strange, but all of them are somewhat shocking, or intimidating.

10. The TidePod Challenge

The TidePod Challenge started out as a dumb and cruel joke. It quickly leads to some teens actually put the pouches of laundry detergent in their mouth.

This was not the first time a challenge like that takes over the Internet. We used to have the gallon challenge, then came to cinnamon challenge, and bath-salt challenge.

The impact of this hysteria is so massive that videos of kids biting these Tide packets, cooking them with a frying pan, or chewing them are circulating the Internet at a startling speed.

It also provides an excuse for older Internet users to criticize with the infamous term “Kids These Days,” saying that the teens nowadays prefer eating TidePods than doing something useful, buying a house for example.

9. Crypto culture

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Crypto kitties

Despite its humble start as a way to buy LSD, Bitcoin’s spike in December 2017 has led to a fuss about it in 2018.

While some people do believe in this and take actions like save tokens, mine rigs, others who have no interest in knowing or being part of this trend, are still exposed to it, mostly through the crypto-bro culture that associated with it.

It seems like everything can be crypto this year, from kittens and rappers in crypto castles. And many of us have heard about the incident of Floyd Mayweather and DJ Khaled being charged with cryptocurrency fraud.

8. Snitch-tagging

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Snitch-tagging opens the door for harassment

Subtweeting is fun, but it is becoming a tool for trolls to spread harassment.

This snitch-tagging usually comes in the form of discovering a thread on Twitter that says something negative about an influential figure, and then that person is aware of what is being said. While the well-known person is too busy multiply their reputation and fortune, millions of their fans are also informed and will spring to their defense.

7. Kanye West

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Kayne West's fan art in the rick and Morty style

Kayne West has made the headlines for another year with his music and his attitude toward politics.

It all started with him logging back on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, posting things like a fanart of him and Kim Kadarshian in Rick and Morty’s style. Next, he released the “whooped-scoop track” in which he literally just raps whoopdedy-scoop-poop-poop. West’s condition even concerns the US president in a conference in the Oval Office.

Kayne West later logged off, renounced from politics, but for how long, we do not know.

6. Disney firing James Gunn

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James Gunn was a victim of an evil scheme

When director James Gunn was shot from the Guardian Of The Galaxy, Vol.3, people thought it was because of his jokes about pedophilia and rape, but it turned out to be something totally different.

The architect behind this incident is Mike Cernovich, who was behind the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which resulted in an open fire at a pizza parlor in Washington.

Comedian Michael Ian Black, Patton Oswalt, and Dan Harmon are also the target of similar tactics. Their old jokes on the sensitive matter of pedophilia were dug up and used against them in an attempt to take them down.

In response, Harmon’s Twitter account was deleted, Oswalt brushed everything off, and Black explain in details how important it is for a comedian to use offensive jokes.

5. Logan Paul’s redemption campaign

When the Internet has not yet forgiven Logan Paul’s video in which he found a dead body in the Aokigahara Forest of Japan. He made another outbreak online aiming at him for tasering a dead rat. He still makes money out of this though.

We will be expecting to see him again soon as Logan is filming a documentary on how hard it has been for him ever since he discovered the man that hung himself.

Paul ends his year by addressing the haters like all YouTubers must have done.

4. Steak-umm’s Twitter account

Steak Umm 2 0
Steak-umm has engaged in a controversial marketing tactic

The year 2018 saw Wendy’s stepping down to make way for Steak-umm.

Ever since the burger chain Wendy’s found out that their sales spike when they are sarcastic on social media, Steak-Umm has claimed their own share of the fun by posting memes, discussing online civility, and musings. The whole effort is to sell more of their freezer beef.

Steak-Umm is a prime example of how marketing-aimed ironies are making it harder to draw a line between advertising and entertainment.

3.  “Doing your own research” on YouTube

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"Do your own research." The anti-vaxxers said

The fact that YouTube does not make an attempt to distinguish legit journalists from paranoid maniacs has exposed millions to extremist vloggers even though they start out watching mainstream news sources. This platform has made it easier than ever for bigots and cult leaders to spread their theories online and extend their influence.

This has led to the number of anti-vaxxers, QAnon, flat-Earthers to increase and when anyone who dares to challenge these people’s belief to be told to “do their own research.” What they truly want you to do is to spend a few hours on YouTube listening to so-call experts in the fields ranting about something they think they know better than the real professionals.

2. Celebrities who won’t log off

Twitter is a place where you can see the human side of celebrities, and this year has seen the platform does its tasks better than ever.

Rian Johnson, the director behind one of the best Star War movies, has been sucked in the whirling pool of debating over one of his stars being harassed online. JK Rowling does not have a much better year either when she finds herself unable to get out of an endless thread about politics.

Elon Musk (the tech guy behind Tesla), Jim Carrey (famous comedian) and Roseanne (sitcom star) are sucked down the same hole.

1. Stans

Fan-to-stan turnover in 2018 is worse than ever with some of former Star Wars admirers swore to make another version of the movie without the so-call masculine inferiority.

There seems to be no end for the things anyone could do in the name of love and protection. A writer received tons of death threats for criticizing Nicki Minaj. Female journalists are attacked by the MuskBros. SIM’s developers are raided by the game’s players. The list goes on and on.