A bull in Scotland has gone viral after accidentally cut off the electricity for 800 households by scratching his buttocks on the high tension pole. Moreover, he also escapes Death and stayed alive magically but unconsciously. Check out this interesting story here with Gurugamer.com.

This Bull Accidentally Went Viral By...Scratching Buttocks

Recently, a bull in Scotland went viral by accident when he scratched his buttocks. His name is Ron. Ron had an itch at his buttocks and had to scratch it on a nearby high tension pole. And Ron caused a funny accident by his unconscious action. It happened between 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. on May 7th in East Shawto farmland in Chapelton.

Bull With Itchy Bum Cuts Off Power
He's Ron, the most famous bull in the world now

The insect on this farm caused itches to Ron’s buttocks. As normal, Ron headed to the nearby high tension role to scratch his buttocks. But he accidentally pulled off the pole and made 800 households went dark. Not until 4 a.m. the next morning was the problem solved. The owner of this bull had to send his apology to the affected families in his neighborhood. He also admitted that his bull, Ron, was very lucky when staying alive magically.

He Pulled Off An Electric Pole
He Pulled Off An Electric Pole

Ron stayed alive unconsciously and fortunately when the transformer box didn’t fall on him. He luckily avoided being killed by 11,000-volt electricity. Ron is over one ton in weight. So, it’s understandable when he can pull off the pole and blow away the transformer box.

Ron Didnt Know What He Did
Ron Does Not Know What He Did And Still Relaxes As Usual

This rare incident left the electricity engineer shocked by the great loss that Ron caused. They have never thought that a bull could pull off a big pole so easily. They fixed the electric route with astonishment. And sadly for Ron, he has to find a new place to scratch his buttocks when getting itches. But lucky for him, Ron stayed alive from the accident and became very famous in the world, like a superstar.