For most people, when they buy a ticket in a concert at a music concert, they would want to put all their focus on the stage, where their favorite singer is performing. However, in a recent music concert in China, a girl has attracted all the attention of all the audience around her with her revealing cloth.

If you take a look at the pictures below, you will understand exactly what I mean.

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Can you focus if you sit next to this girl?

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While the girl covers her face with a mask, the mask cannot cover the beauty. Moreover, her choice of clothes was quite bold as the shirt could only barely cover her huge breats. Everyone can see almost everything but the most sensitive part. I would take a super strong mentally for people standing next to her to not look.

Of course, these 2 pictures went viral on the Internet when they were uploaded online. It didn't take long for the Chinese community to find out the identity of this girl and turned out she was a hot streamer named Yumi.

With a pretty face and a glass-hour body, Yumi already has more than 600,000 followers on her social media.

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Many people comment on social media that sitting next to her felt like sitting in a VIP seat while many people think that she was too distracting so they couldn't focus on the concert.

Some wonder how could she even wore those clothes to such a big concert. But consider that she is a hot streamer, that must be something that she already get used to with.

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People have different opinions about the bold appearance of the girl at the concert

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