With the current situation of the coronavirus outbreak, almost every country in the world is now being affected by it and soon at this rate, there will be no more safe place in the world from the coronavirus anymore, except for this one place, Antarctica.

The coronavirus outbreak is getting more serious in everywhere around the world

While the number of coronavirus cases is multiplying everywhere, there has been no case found in Antarctica and the life there is still going on as usual.

The whole Antarctica continent is a quarantine itself

As this has very few residents and is isolated from the rest of the world, it is hard for the coronavirus to reach this place. Lots of countries have a research station in Antarctica and one of their top priority is to protect this place from the pandemic. While people are panicking because of the pandemic, researchers here in Antarctica is barely affected (if any) by it at all.  It is not likely that someone from the outside can bring the coronavirus here. Anyone is checked carefully for any type of illness before getting in and out of Antarctica.

Antarctica is one of the safest places in the world from the coronavirus right now because it is isolated

No place is completely immune to the coronavirus

“No continent is immune, including Antarctica,” said Jeff Ayton, chief medical officer at the Australian Antarctic Division.

That being said, if the coronavirus can actually make it to Antarctica, it will be a disaster here. The medical system here can not handle it with poor equipment and only 1 doctor with no nurse or trained health-care professionals.

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The place is safe for now, but it doesn't immune to the coronavirus

If anyone is affected, it is impossible to transfer them back to the mainland immediately for proper treatments as they need a total of 9 months to perform a medical evacuation.