We use our mobile phones every day since it can carry the tasks of many other household devices like alarm clock, watch, calendar, note reminders …. They are one of the main sources of entertainment for us every day as well. Because our smartphones have to carry so many functions like that, most of the time we feel that our smartphones do not have enough battery for us to use. That is why we have to seek for methods to prolong the durability of the battery of our phones.


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We all care about the battery of our phones

There are many tips and tricks, even apps, to save the battery of our phones. But then, there have been so many tips and tricks that have been existed since the previous generations of mobile phone. That means there are many tips and tricks to save the battery usage of smartphones are not correct, as they are true for older phones only.
That is why today we will tell you the top three smartphone battery tricks that is totally wrong. Let’s start right now:

Number One: “You should use your smartphone until it goes down to 0% battery, and then charge your phone.”

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The first incorrect myth for today's smartphone

No, this is wrong. You don’t have to do this, and you probably should not do this. Using all of the battery of your smartphone is not a good thing to do, since there are many programs running in the background of your smartphone, so you will completely end these programs if you kill your phone’s battery.

Number Two: “Never leave your phone charging overnight since it will overcharge your phone and shorten the life of the battery.”

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The second wrong myth for today's smartphone

No, not correct at all. Smartphone nowadays is smart enough to avoid overcharging itself. So, you can easily plug your smartphone and leave it there overnight. We actually do it all the time, so no big deal.

Number Three: “Turning off side functions likes Bluetooth, wifi, GPS when you don’t use them to save the battery.”

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You should not turn off these function, actually

Well, technically, these functions do use your battery, but modern smartphones are smart enough to use little battery to maintain these functions. And to be fair, if you turn off your wifi, when you open wifi again, there will be a flood of notification pouring into your smartphone. And those moments truly use a lot of your battery.

There is a lot more wrong belief about how to use a smartphone, but we think this is a good start. We will tell you more in the next part.