The main character in this story is Mimin - a streamer who comes from Korea. She is known as one of the currently most beautiful streamers in this nation. While many female streamers love boasting about their bodies and big breasts via a variety of tricks, Mimin is well known for her naïve and pure beauty and that’s why her fans have sent a special love to her.

Streamer Mimin
Streamer Mimin looks so cutie in such a simple pic.

And while the Internet has rapidly developed, along with multiple live stream apps, we have suddenly found out the “terrible power” from the outstanding beauty and fame of hottie streamers. Mimin is obviously a typical example.

Guest Youtuber
The girl appeared as a guest and helped the talk show sit on the first top in terms of views in one week in a row.

To get more specific, in recent days, she has just appeared as a guest invited by a YouTuber called Cheol Gu Huyng. This YouTuber is also famous for inviting female guests to attract more interactions. It took us a big surprise that his talk show rapidly climbed to the top on trending topics, even held the first position in terms of the number of online viewers in one week in a row.

Cuttie Streamer
Fans immediately fell in love with her beauty and donated up to Rs 2.6 crore on that live stream.
Streamer Korea
She deserves a nickname as The Goddess of beauty.

However, the above story isn’t as shocking as the latest incident in which beautiful streamer Mimin just turned on the camera to start a live stream. She even was keeping tying back her hair but she suddenly realized that rain of donation from her fans was pouring down. This situation kept happening during that live stream.


It was estimated that within a short time during a live stream, she received a huge donation of 44 crores South Korean won (about Rs2.6 crore). Beauty has its own price! That’s true!