In the midst of the coronavirus quarantine, millions of people are trapped in their homes and most countries impose mandatory lockdowns to stop the spread of the deadly virus. For some people, working from home can keep them busy all day, but there are many others who struggle to kill time. This is where TikTok comes in with its #NakedChallenge.

#NakedChallenge the burning challenge of TikTok in quarantine
The reactions of some of the boyfriends are quite hilarious when their partners 'turn on' their brains

Now, someone, who was probably really bored with the quarantine period and has remained in their home for a long time, has created a new challenge on TikTok called the #NakedChallenge, which has started to become a trend with the viral video platform.

TikTok #NakedChallenge more funny than sexy

As the name suggests, this challenge involves people getting naked and trying to get the other half of a couple be surprised when seeing their partner naked at the most unexpected moment. Of course, the camera does not capture the naked person because for once, the focus and humor are not on someone's naked body but the reaction of those who are surprised.

In general, the videos feature men who are playing video games when they are surprised by their nude partners, and the most hilarious thing is their reactions that even involve falling on the floor trying to get 'intimate'.

Unlike many other challenges found on the TikTok platform that seem to be dangerous and difficult, the latter has managed to impress many young people on social networks who have not hesitated to put it into practice and boost their results on social networks.

This challenge in TikTok is that a man or a woman must record the reaction of their partner when seeing the other naked, and although it seems normal between couples, the challenge has created countless reactions in people who were not expected to get naked until their partners do, so much so that in a matter of hours thousands of videos sharing the challenge have followed the #NakedChallenge trend.

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