A young woman who goes by the nickname Nurse Holly on the social media platform TikTok, where she currently enjoys a follower base of 1.7 million, is facing backlash for saying in one of her videos that abstinence – or refraining from having sex before marriage – is the best way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

"The best way to prevent STDs is waiting for sex until marriage. Just the truth," she wrote in a TikTok post that has now been taken down but is still being heatedly discussed on other sites such as Twitter.

Tiktok Holly
Holly faced a backlash for her controversial view on STD prevention

Holly, whose full name is Holly Grace according to her TikTok username, shared that the reason she removed the video was because of the backlash. She also apologized to anyone who had taken offense in what she said, saying that all she wanted was to promote healthy lifestyles.

Still, many people seem to think that it was irresponsible for Holly to suggest such a thing as medical advice. Some have spoken up to retort her arguments.  A Twitter user said that following the same logic, the best way to avoid getting the flu would be to permanently stay in an isolated chamber.

Tiktok Holly 2
Many people are pointing out the flaws in Holly's logic

Meanwhile, another pointed out that even if you only had sex with your spouse, it’d still not completely negate the possibility of contacting an STD. As a result, if you took her advice and used abstinence as a way to avoid STDs, you’d have to stop having sex altogether – which is simply unreasonable for the majority of people.

During an interview with BuzzFeed, Holly said the video she made was targeted at young girls who followed her. She only wanted to tell them "that there can be benefits of saving sexuality for one partner.” She also acknowledged in the comment section that of course there were other ways to avoid STDs such as using protection, but she just wanted to suggest another option.

Nurse Holly
Nurse Holly currently has 11.7 million followers on TikTok

The incident has prompted many TikTokers to share their views on the topic of sex-related health education for youngsters.