The popularity and simplicity of TikTok are allowing creators to troll and prank their friends and loved ones by spraying and splashing water all over their faces, accompanied by a musical piece called "Watchu You Doin’" by Mr. Hotspot, and Toosi or “Ah Eh” as what it is called on the app itself.

tiktok new trend prank spray splash water over other people faces

These sounds have been around for a while, and up to 1.5 mil TikToks have already used it. What's interesting about these sounds is TikTokers have been using them for comedic effect spread across all kinds of situations since the beginning of 2019.

The hijinks include taking off false eyelashes or dipping cookies in milk, but the real comedy has only recently taken off with the trend of splashing water all over people's faces for the last few weeks.

Who are following this TikTok trend?

A lot of these videos involve parents pranking their little ones, leading to adorable and hilarious stunned expressions from the tots, accompanied by the proclamation of “no babies were harmed in the making of this video”. But it's not limited to just that and kids have done it to their parents, partners to each other and so on.

Famous YouTuber Colleen Ballinger, aka. Miranda Sings, even tried it on her baby who enjoyed getting wet from the prank. The TikTok caption said “Sooo @itjojosiwa text me and told me I had to try this with my baby… he LOVED IT”. So did 5.5 million other users, apparently.

Some famous people tried it on their pets, even, like Jason Derulo with his own dogs, and other influencers did the same to their mates. This includes Brent Rivera, Keemokazi, Lance Stewart, Corinna Kopf, and Taylor Holder joining in on the harmless little prank.

You now have an excuse to splash other people with water with this fun new prank, although we are not responsible for any unforeseen consequences should the people getting pranked don't take it in stride!

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