While Tiktok is fun to watch and a great way to get entertainment, it has also caused some pretty dump accidents because of the reckless actions and stunts that content creators were trying to pull off.

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French Tiktok star filled his bathroom with Orbeez

Recently, a French Tiktok star has ruined his bathroom and the whole water system of the whole town with a massive amount of Orbeez. For people who don't know, Orbeez is a small plastic orb that would absorb water and grow to the size of a marble. They are children's toys that are pretty fun to play with. But this man called 'cyril' managed to turn it into a catastrophe for the whole neighborhood.

Let's take on this journey of stupidity with us with all the videos of this incident from the beginning to the end.

The man first filled his bathtub, sink, and toilet with Orbeez and then waited for the magic to happen. The orbs did their job and filled everywhere. Things were all fun and game until our genius decided to pull the plugs and try to drain all of them away, which does not succeed.

He then tried to use his vacuum cleaner to suck the balls out but it got caught on fire. Someone told him to use salt, which actually worked until all the poop and dirty water went upward and flood his house.

Eventually, all those stuff stuck the entire water system of the town and the police started to get on the case.

It is unclear that the police know that it was his doing or not so far.