During the career of PewDiePie on YouTube, he has been entangled in many famous beefs with other Twitch and YouTuve streamers. Those situations result in many hilarious antics and countless meme videos all over the Internet.

From the quarrel with YouTuber-then-boxer KSI to the time he callout Pokimane. We have put together a collection of best PewDiePie beefs - this also includes the epic long race between him and Bollywood T-Series.

#5 - 'Supawoman', Lilly Singh

First, we must mention Lilly Singh or under her streaming name " Supawoman". This streamer has been caught in big flak from PewDiePie. That happens right after her hiatus from YouTube back in November of 2018. This event then leads to the creation of a statement with YouTube's "creator burnout".

Lilly Singh
Lilly Singh

Then the spat between the two didn't end there. PewDiePie then slammed Singh a month after that with the response to Singh's complain about 2018 highest-earnings YouTubers. She noted in that video is that there is no woman mentioned on that list.

The argument of PewDiePie is that Adsense is not distinct between gender at all, he even went so far as to insult Singh for her opinions on the matter.

He has said “If you start complaining about this you sound like a crybaby and an idiot, which you are, Lilly Singh, in case you weren’t sure,”

After that statement, Singh came up to look for Kjellberg about all these matters. However, from the look of it, I think no common ground was reached. And he even continued to roast her in her role in ‘Fahrenheit 451’ - he also compared her to the ‘Big Chungus’, a famous meme.

#4 - Pokimane


Maybe most of you know 'Pokimane', or Imane Anys for her very famous steaming on Twitch. But she used to be in a scandal of copying videos from smaller channels on YouTube back in January of this year. You could find out more about this scandal by following the Twitter of Pokimane with Keemstar.

Then PewDiePie jumped on to the subject, he made appear to talk about the issue of Pokimane trying to cover up the whole matter. He has said  “I can understand why you want to take down this video because this selected thing blows up and becomes even bigger… but the problem here… is that you’re just drawing more attention to it,".

Later on, Pokimane makes a statement saying that she agrees with the opinion of PewDiePie. Eventhough, that she still buckle down on those videos from smaller YouTubers saying that they use her content in a "non-transformative way".

#3 - KSI


Before the big beef between KSI and Logan Paul goes on full swing. KSI used to be in another beef with PewDiePie back in 2016. That happened when KSI publicly call out that Kjellberg is a hypocrite for his criticism toward many channels like Drama Alert to cause a rift in the community.

Followed up fro that is a series of strong debates on Twitter between the two streamers. Later on, PewDiePie called Logan Paul and KSI out just before their boxing match in 2018. He accused KSI to be a sexist and a scumbag who only on YouTube to make money.

KSI then responded to the claim of PewDiePie as following “He has no ground to talk at all - He is the person who ruined a lot of peoples’ lives on YouTube, with his comments and his whole anti-Semitic… I can’t even say the word.”

After this statement of KSI, PewDiePie backed down and ask for a truce with KSI. Saying that it was dumb of him to call KSI dump and even offer KSI a beer.

PewDiePie has said “I called them scumbags for being purely money driven… thinking about it, that’s fine, what’s wrong with that?”.

#2 - Alinity

One of the most well-known debacles is the spat between PewDiePie and Alinity Divine. After Alinity took an issue with an eye-tracking video back in the early of 2018.


After watching a streaming session of PewDiePie, Alinity has famously said that  “Can we copy strike this guy?”. Then, later on, she issued a takedown on the clip for using her content.

PewDiePie then responded to the claim of Alinity that he didn't mean disrespect to women in his eye-tracking video, and he only aimed to MCN of Alinity for the abuse of their power with the unfair copyright claim.

He said on the subject that “Alinity admits publicly to abusing copyright law, basically an illegal act that could hold up in a court of law - My videos are 100% protected by fair use.”

After that, Kjellberg started to bring up some dirt on Alinity to including her use of racial slur and her breaking of  Twitch TOS on many occasions.

#1 - T-Series


PewDiePie has been on the spot of the most subscribed channel of YouTube for years. But then from August of 2018, Bollywood label T-Series began to coming for that sweet spot. This has sparked an all-out war between the fanbases of two channels.

Even though it was expected that T-Series will surpass PewDiePie in early 2019. Kjellberg managed to prevent that from happening in more than seven-month period. That apart thanks to the cooperation of Markiplier and MrBeast.

Moreover, PewDiePie also invited some Ben Shapiro, the commentator on politic and the famous Elon Musk to host his "Meme Review' show. This helped boost his number a lots thanks to the appearances of those two.

Despite all of that efforts, PewDiePie lost the title again to T-Series on the 26th, March 2019 - and since then haven't able to get the title back.