Valentine’s Day is an important annual celebration of couples. So, what do the single do on this day? Stay home, surf net, watch an action movie alone, or go out for a…strike? There are thousands of jokes that FAs do to kill the joy of couples and make funny tricks on this celebration. Let’s check out the top funny Valentine’s Day tricks of FAs with here.

The Anti-Valentine Strike In Japan

Not everyone likes Valentine’s Day, especially single people. So, the single community in Tokyo, Japan holds an anti-Valentine strike on the busiest shopping street Shibuya in Tokyo. They call them as Kakumei-Teki Himote Doumei crew, which means the crew of men who are not appealing to women. This interesting strike has taken place since 2014 and became a national specialty of this country.

Valentine's Day Tricks From Japanese Single Men
Valentine's Day Tricks From Japanese Single Men

This year, the citizens on this street are also looking forward to seeing this funny strike. To respond to people’s anticipation, this crew has been on strike since last Saturday, February 8th with anti-romanticism, such as ‘Destroy Valentine’s Day’, ‘Dispose Romanticism’, ‘Don’t let candy producers control you’, etc.

Answering the presses, young men in this crew said on Valentine's day, females often gave chocolates to the man they liked or got attracted. And less eye-attractive men like them get no chocolate on this day. Some males even tease them by their chocolate gifts.

Funny Strike Of Single Men In Japan To Protest Val
Funny Strike Of Single Men In Japan To Protest Valentine's Day

Besides, these single men hope people will give chocolates to friends and family members to express their love. They think these celebrations are not only for couples. Therefore, they even hold strikes on Christmas Day, White Valentine’s Day (March 14th).

The leader of this crew claimed bravely that people shouldn’t evaluate someone by the number of chocolate they receive. He said it’s wrong to laugh at someone less attractive.

Strike Of Japanese Dateless Men
Funny Strike Of Japanese Dateless Men To Protest Romanticism On Valentine's Day

Funny Valentine's Day Tricks Of Shanghai Singles

In the most populous country, Chinese people also have some Valentine's Day tricks to oppose this celebration. An association of single people in Shanghai created a common fund. Then, they book all the single tickets of the famous romantic movie ‘Beijing Love Story’ in the central cinema in Xintiandi Mall, Shanghai. Especially, they only buy single tickets in all uneven seats. It means that there will be no couple can enjoy the movie together.

Funny Valentines Day Tricks From Shanghai Singles
Shanghai Dateless People Bought All Single Tickets Of 'Beijing Love Story' Movie

The founder of this single people’s group wants to make couples understand their feelings on this day. He planned to do it last Valentine’s Day but couldn’t afford it. So, this man formed a group of single people to do this trick. If you couldn't buy tickets to enjoy romantic movies with your lover, you can stay home and enjoy the top 10 Bollywood movies to watch on Valentine's Day.