Demi Rose has shaken the internet with the lastest killing looks of her in sultry bikinis. She was in Ibiza, Spain while taking her "Waifu Laifu" picture. She seems to want to cosplay a sexy anime character because "waifu" is a term in anime. Just take a look at her latest stills here.

Top Killing Looks Of The Hottest Model Demi Rose

Demi Rose always makes fans and followers breathless with any photos of her. She often updates the latest stills of her on Instagram to treat and keep in contact with over 1.4 crore followers. Recently, she uploaded some extra-hot photoshoots of her in Ibiza and Atlantis.

Demi Rose 2

The model flaunted her sultry boobs and sexy body shape in a cute but super-hot bikini. In the caption, she wrote "Waifu Laifu". In terms of anime, it means a real-life wife. The sexy look can take your breath away.

Demi Rose 1

In the latest still in Atlantis, Demi Rose even went topless and flaunted her sexy back. The model took advantage of the beautiful natural landscapes to bring an artistic look to viewers.

Demi Rose 3

The 25-year-old model is not the first and the only bikini model who wears the bear bikini. However, that sultry still of her still make a lot of people breathless. She also announced that she was filming a special project to help people with depression.

Demi Rose 4

The internet influencer wants to contribute to the world's suicide prevention work. She hopes her video can help many people to step out of their depression. The beautiful model always wants to supports people in need.

Demi Rose 5

Besides, previous photos of her on Instagram are still hot and mind-blowing. She always looks sexy and charming in any kind of clothes she wore, from sexy bikini to charming dress. Just take a look and admire this breathless beauty of Demi Rose here.

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