In recent years, the love doll market has seen a major boom. It grew so big that a famed producer of these human-like droids decides to launch the very first Pornhub channel featuring no real pornstars. Silicone firm Gynoid is world-renowned for their realistic sex dolls, as they’re reviewed being almost exactly identical to actual humans. The company also garners thousands of views so far on the popular adult video sharing site Pornhub. 

pornhub sex doll gynoid
Gynoid's sex dolls are super realistic
pornhub sex doll main 2
They have all the curves you look for in a real human

Sex Doll Genie, its doll supplier, claims that multiple pornographic directors have approached Gynoid because of the life-like quality of the video. The company’s co-founder, Amit, said in an interview with the Daily Star Online that they rarely got a chance to fully showcase the realism of their products. YouTube is very strict with nudity content, and though Vimeo is freer on that matter, it isn’t as popular. 

pornhub sex doll move pornhub
The company views Ponrhub as a great channel for advertising
pornhub sex doll customize
The company even lets you customize the doll

Finally, the company decides that Pornhub is the perfect platform that they’re looking for. It fits their nature and brings them closer to the ideal demographic. Amit also shares that several directors approach Gynoid to produce new kind of adult video, but keeps further details into their negotiations. Gynoid products were hailed as the closest experience to real sex that SDG’s customers had ever been on. So, it’s entirely possible for us to see sex dolls mixing up with human performers in the future. 

pornhub sex doll new trend
This could be the new trend in the upcoming years

Amit does believe that their products are among the most realistic on the market, alongside those of Sanhui or DS Summit Series. However, Gynoid’s team has a background in designing movie prop models that may give them a slight advantage in the race. The sex dolls are so life-like that customers compare the experience they have with the real thing.

They say that 90% of the sex is in the mind. Therefore, when the doll looks so real, it does make the experience more pleasurable and gratifying. SDG has been supplying more and more realistic dolls and robots for sexual purposes. Some can even blink, others even have goosebumps on their skin. The race to produce the top-of-the-chain sex dolls continues to heat up around the world. Gynoid’s rival firm, Silicone Lovers, has launched sex dolls that respond to human touches using sensors installed in their genitals and breasts.

pornhub sex doll customer corona help
A customer claims that the sex dolls help him survive the COVID-19 pandemic

Gynoid's products are popular worldwide and are so realistic that they could replace actual humans. A user of the company's sex dolls claims that they even help him survive the COVID-19 pandemic. In more detail, the man owns three love dolls to keep him accompanied during the lockdown. He said that their companion is what prevents him from getting frustrated amid the coronavirus breakout. Dressing and having fun with the sex dolls is a big part of his experience.