Trump is planning to take over a coronavirus vaccine research in Germany

The CEO of CureVac pharmaceutical company, Daniel Menichella, after announcing that they are very close to successfully create a vaccine for coronavirus, was invited to the White House on March 2 to meet President Trump. And just a week later, CureVac has forced Mr. Menichella to leave the company without stating any reason.

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America is trying to buy a coronavirus vaccine research in Germany

According to sources, American authorities were trying to move CureVac's research to America by offering them $1 billion, possibly to get the vaccine exclusively for America. Knowing this, the German government has held an emergency meeting to discuss this problem. It seems that Mr. Trump has finally recognized the danger of coronavirus, unlike his previous statement on his Twitter.

The response of the Germany government to this move

According to Mr. Seehofer, Germany’s interior minister, the coronavirus is not only a social problem but also “a question of national security.” German is now also naming a price of its own to keep CureVac inside Germany.

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The German will try to prevent Trump plan to take away the vaccine

“The exclusive sale of a possible vaccine to the USA must be prevented by all means,” Karl Lauterbach said on his Twitter.

Another German authority revealed that it is not clear that President Trump wants the keep vaccine for Americans only or just wants the vaccine research.

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CureVac is close to successfully create coronavirus vaccine

Germany’s economy minister, Peter Altmaier praises CureVac company for making the right decision and refuse the offer of Trump. He also assures that he will do anything to help them and stop anyone from making an attempt to make a hostile offer.

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