Though video games are thriving in India, board games still exist as a way to connect people. There must be at least one time during your childhood that you sit down with your friends and play a game of Chess or Uno or even Monopoly. Now you can enjoy board games with a wide community in Meeplecon – coming up this December.

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Board games can be just as exciting as video games

Meeplecon is the first and only event dedicated to board games in India. The event is a good chance to have fun with your family and friends without any wire on. The event as a hit in 2018 as it attracted over 5,000 participants.

What will you enjoy in the Meeplecon?

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Lots of activities will be available in Meeplecon this December

There will be lots of activities in Meeple Con 2019. With over 150 board games introduced at the event, you can enjoy a wide range of board game genres, from PvP, single-player to team up or adventures. You can start a board game with your buddies or even with complete strangers. Who knows, after one good game, you can make more friends than you can imagine? Games are best when enjoyed with people of like mind.

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There will be inter-school competitions

There will be Inter-school Championships – a competition for teenagers to promote board games in schools. The Meeplecon 2019 will organize various competitions between students of different schools to see who would fare better.

Meeplecon is also a great occasion for your family to build up good memories. As we all know, board games are pretty easy to pick up and suit people of all genders and ages. Board games promote the relationship between people. Here in Meeplecon 2019, you can find lots of fun.

Ticket price and venue for Meeplecon 2019

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Meeplecon will open this December

The entry ticket for the event is as low as ₹100 for Bronze - Lite Access with access to 20 free games. However, you will be charged an amount of money at some paid tables. Kids Pass will be available for children below 16 only. The Kids Pass is priced at ₹250 with a discount of ₹50 for the first 200 ticket buyers. The VIP Access is available for people of all ages and includes entry to a free lucky draw. The VIP Access cost ₹500 with a discount of ₹100 for the first 200 guests.

Meeplecon will take place this December 15 in Dublin Squad, Phoenix Kurla, Mumbai. Tune in for a festival of fun with your family and friends