Shortly after the incident that the Australian streamer Dylan “Aus_Swag” told a suicidal woman to kill herself on stream (we have reported about this), another streamer made some mistakes on his stream. The 18-year-old Viikzy recently just called a girl “thot” and said he wanted to punch her in the face on his stream on Twitch. And of course, his account got banned by Twitch.

The incident happened when Viikzy entered the stream of Kaylee and she was complaining about somebody who talked bad things about girls in the esports field. That’s it and suddenly Viikzy said to the people viewing his own stream:”God I fucking hate this thot, dude” and she was the type of people “I just want to fucking punch her in the goddamn face.”

The clip of this incident started to gain attention from the community after a gaming insider Rod “Slasher” Breslau posted it on his tweeter account. Soon after, Viikzy’s Twitch channel receive the ban form Twitch themselves. Even though, this ban is unlikely to be permanent since Viikzy has tweeted that he would return right after the ban.

Before that, seemingly right after Viikzy has misspoken, he posted a series of tweets apologizing for his action. But these tweets apparently received not much belief from people.

The escalation of this incident went with Viikzy’s reply on the tweet of Kaylee (which seemed to be quite sarcastic). On his reply, Viikzy blamed her that she did all of these just to seek attention. With contents like this, it will not be a surprise if we see Viikzy’s ban stays long or he will receive another punishment. Meanwhile, Viikzy now has to stream on Youtube and since he claimed in a tweet that the “white knight” shut him down on Twitch.