The Australian streamer Dylan “Aus_Swag” made quite a serious crime – according to Australian law – by telling a woman to kill herself on stream although he knew she was thinking of killing herself.

In the stream when the incident happened, Aus_Swag was apparently in a group of voice call with some friends. There was a girl who was seemingly giving some pieces of advice for Aus_Swag on the way to communicate with a suicidal person. She told Aus_Swag that he should just call her, comfort her and give her the number of an expert. Although to some other nations, her exact words on the stream may not be accepted, we can all agree that this is the best way to deal with a person who is thinking of killing himself or herself, regarding all the hard things that the person is suffering. Sadly, Aus_Swag didn’t listen to his friends.


Shortly after that, Aus_Swag called the suicidal woman in the middle of his stream. As she answered the phone, Aus_Swag said: “I think you should just kill yourself, honestly.” The woman did not say anything back, but we can predict that she was extremely shocked by this. To worsen the situation, Aus_Swag and his friends in the group call all started to laugh out loud so hard that Aus_Swag fail of the chair he was sitting on.

However, the thing that should be taken into serious consideration is that after the incident, Twitch did not ban his Twitch account. After the incident, we can still see Aus_Swag on his stream. Though Aus_Swag did not turn on his webcam and did not talk at all (he only replied to the donations and subscriptions by typing in the in-game chat section), apparently he did not receive any punishment yet. According to Australian law, any individuals who “aids or abets the suicide or attempted suicide of another person” (help or ignore the suicide or attempted suicide) can end up in jail for ten years maximum.