The most famous streaming platform in the world – Twitch – has decided to remove its feature of signing up for subscriptions with cryptocurrency. Previously, this the Amazon-owned streaming service allows users to use Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash to pay for their subscription fee, but it decided to cancel this feature.

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No Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash on Twitch anymore

But the hardest part to understand in this decision of Twitch is that it did the action in silence. There has been no official announcement from Twitch for this decision, not until the Reddit user “f7ddfd505a” posted on btc subreddit – the official subreddit for Bitcoin relating topics – to tell about the incident.

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The post on Reddit from "f7ddfd505a"

According to f7ddfd505a, not only did Twitch remove the feature in silence, but apparently it took this streaming platform some time to finish the work. Twitch has slowly removed the capability of cryptocurrency payments from its system all over the world, and this job took it months. But it has been finished now.

We have not yet had the confirmation for the reason behind this decision of Twitch, but theories have been raised. The most convincing theory is that Bitcoin – as well as other forms of cryptocurrency – has been used by a limited amount of the number of users, seemingly. And its technical complexity would have required so much cost to maintain the feature, which has turned into a burden for its system, rather than a convenient feature.

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Bitcoin requires too much technology to maintain

Twitch started to accept some forms of cryptocurrencies as viable payment for its system in January 2018, but it is removed now. Although we have not heard anything from this Amazon-owned streaming platform to comment on the issue, chances are that this feature of cryptocurrency payment of Twitch has been canceled for good.

The Bitcoin market share hit a record scale in 2017 before losing its limelight and its popularity in the next years. It was once hoped to be the replacement for the traditional payment methods. However, regarding its current reputation, cryptocurrency became a burden. After the heat for this new type of currency has faded away, it looks like the cryptocurrency has burst.

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Bitcoin will disappear soon?