The popular streamer Alinity Divine is a quite controversial face on Twitch with quite a lot of NSFW moments shown to her audience during her streams on Twitch.
Three months ago, the streamer came in for criticism and adverse reactions from her fan for taking a pic of her rear, but it seemed that it was not the first time she "treated" her fans with such revealing moments. During her stream on October 2017, Alinity (accidentally or not) gave her viewers a direct view of her cleavage (a gentle word for boobs).

Alinity Divine is known to be a very sexy streamer on Twitch

Alinity was going live with a 'Just Dance' session when she tried to adjust the Xbox Kinect, which resulted in an unexpected incident that made her viewers behind the screen feel a bit uncomfortable (or should I, Alinity Divine has given all of us a very comfortable view of her boobs).

The Xbox Kinect, similar to the PS4 camera, is placed on the top of the monitors of the players. Therefore, to adjust the device, Alinity stood up and bent over in front of the camera, and there goes the show for her fans. It also took her quite long to finish the process of fixing the position of her Kinect. The streamer admitted that her attempt to adjust the device was "a terrible idea." She appeared to be embarrassed by the incident and said to be "never doing that shit again" with laughter.

More recently, in late May, Alinity was back to controversy as she got a three-day suspension from Twitch for streaming pornography by accident. Even though the streamer was baited to stream the inappropriate content, she was still banned for violating the rule of the popular streaming platform, which later was announced on Alinity's twitter account.

"Yo so I'm suspended for THREE days," Alinity posted a tweet about the incident. "Someone hosted me for 1700 viewers, I went to check out the stream to shout them out.. SURPRISE PORN! So hey streamers, trust twitch moderation staff to monitor things and ensure porn doesn't get up to thousands of viewers? Think again!"

Streamer Alinity Divine is not hesitate to show out her beautiful and sexy body

The Doc has mentioned an explanatory video for the situation, but the video has yet to be released, as updated on June 14. Hopefully we will hear about Doc soon, since Twitch cannot be the same without this funny streamer.