A streamer on Twitch of the game Heroes of the Storm has finally decided to do something about his literally messy life: clean up his bedroom for the first time in 14 years. (yes, you read it right, he has not cleaned up his bedroom since 2005)

Twitch streamer Jaegerrmeister is just a regular streamer of the game Heroes of the Storm. The Twitch channel of this guy is standing at just more than 3000 followers. But he has just made his name much more famous after doing a live stream of him cleaning his room. Jaegerrmeister claimed that the last time he cleaned his bedroom was in 2005.

Twitch Streamer Finds Food From 2017 In His Room M
Twitch Streamer Jaegerrmeister

Since the 14-year-old pile of trash has prevented him from seeing the floor of his bedroom for quite a while, Jaegerrmeister decided to clean up his room. We can see a lot of Amazon boxes, used food wrappers, and even some cooking pans lying peacefully in the pile of trash. We have right down here the timelapse video of the cleaning mission of this streamer.

After he has done all the cleaning works, his room looks much brighter and spacious. Sharing about the feeling of himself before and after the cleaning works, Jaegerrmeister told his viewers.

The fans and viewers of Jaegerrmeister all cheered for this Twitch streamer. Such cleaning up work requires so much effort and will power. We all hope that the next time this Twitch streamer cleans his bedroom is somewhere next month.