The two most famous Twitch streamers decided to leave the platform to join Mixer, so the viewers on Twitch now have to turn to other entertaining streamers to seek for fun. There are still a lot of streamers left on Twitch, but there are actually quite a few streamers who have their own personalities. One of those few streamers is Dr Disrespect. His actual name is Guy Beahm, but then he transforms into Dr Disrespect on his livestreams.

Dr Disrespect E3 Twitch Restroom Bathroom Stream U
Dr Disrespect and his E3 bathroom incident this year proves his unique personality

Dr Disrespect is a totally different person from Guy Beahm, and we can only see Dr Disrespect on the livestreams, not Guy Beahm. There are only two or three times this streamer has broken out of his Dr Disrespect character to talk about important matters. In order to keep his character away from his real life, Guy Beahm has to build a separated streaming room and keep his family away from his streaming career. However, on his recent livestream, he was invaded by his daughter.

Screenshot 1
Dr Disrespect got invaded by his own daughter

The new FPS title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has just been released, and Dr Disrespect has been doing a lot of livestreams with this insane title. He was actually on his 24h livestream for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare when his daughter came in. She could not enter the streaming room – the Champions Arena – via the front door, so she had to sneak through the back – the way the mice use to go.

To be honest, the little girl was extremely lucky. She chose the perfect moment to sneak into the Champions Arena of Dr Disrespect. Our Twitch streamer at that moment was streaming for two hours, but he was having a break because his internet connection had some issues. If the little girl walked in when our Twitch streamer was in an intensive moment of a match, a lot of bad things might happen.