The streamer on Twitch' RAYZEC' came from one surprise to another when she decided to google the biggest penis in the world on the Internet and saw the video.
During her live stream on June 4, the Twitch's female streamer RAYZEC decided to satisfy her little curiosities of how gigantic the biggest penis in the world is by looking it up on Google and was taken aback by the searching result, shockingly shouting "18.9 inches… wait, what?!"

Screenshot 3

It seems that the female streamer was shocked by what we believed to be the manhood of the guy being shown on the screen, as she horribly covered her mouth with her hands while watching.

The blonde beauty couldn't take her eyes out of the screen for at least twenty seconds, either with fascination or/and horror by the size of the man's member.
It remains a mystery why RAYZEC would want to search for it on the Internet that at first; however, many viewers appeared to sympathize with the man, one of whom commented that "I feel bad for that 18-inch dick. Who wants to fuck that?"

Twitch Streamer Worlds Biggest Penis
RAYZEC probably wondered what would happen to her if ...

Although Twitch has a firm policy banning all of the explicit content on this streaming platform, one may be amazed by how the violating content shows up on Twitch.
An anonymous streamer on Twitch took things to a whole new level in the June 3 broadcast, accidentally live streaming the audio of his having sex with the female partner. A few minutes after the incident, Twitch banned this user for good. However, it was a bit too late for the viewers, who have heard quite enough, I think (too bad that stream has also been deleted)