Two beautiful YouTubers from Korea had an interesting and sexy breast battle on their video. In specific, these two girls compare their boobs, one has natural breasts while the other's boobs are products of breast implant surgery. The result of this competition is predictable. Check it out here.

Two Beautiful Korean YouTubers Compare Their Boobs

In recent years, there are a lot of beautiful female YouTubers and streamers on the mainstream. They use their beauty as a foundation to get success in this field. Obviously, the more beautiful and sexier she is, the more viewers she can attract. That's why many of them even use cosmetic surgeries to become more beautiful and sexy.

They even use it as a topic to bring viewers interesting content. So did these two beautiful YouTubers, Seoyoon and Chae Hyo-Joo. They compared their breasts in the video of the YouTuber Nam-Soon. This video soon became viral on the internet after he published it because a lot of people are curious about the result of this competition. Will natural boobs or implanted boobs win?

Hyo Joo Talked About Her Breast Implant Surgery
Hyo Joo Talked About Her Breast Implant Surgery

At the beginning of the video, they greeted and had a normal conversation. Then, Chae Hyo-Joo admitted that she had breast implant surgery and didn't hesitate to flaunt her E-size boobs in front of the camera. Then, Seojoon said her C-Class boobs are not smaller than the E-size boobs of Hyo-Joo. They started an endless controversy about their breast size.

Nam Soon Measured Their Boob Sizes
Nam Soon Measured Their Boob Sizes
Hyo Joo Boob Size Is 35cm
Hyo-Joo's Boob Size Is 35cm

Finally, they need to ask Nam-soon to help them measure their boob size. After the result was out, it left a lot of audiences jaw-dropping while many others think it's predictable. The size of Hyo-Joo's boobs is 35cm while Seojoon's size is 33cm. Therefore, Chae Hyo-Joo won this contest thanks to her cosmetic surgery.

The Implanted Breasts Of Hyo Joo Won
The Implanted Breasts Of Hyo Joo Won

Here are some beautiful photos of the beautiful YouTuber Seojoon on Instagram. Just take a look.

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