Last week was an active week of the esports industry in China. Chinese esports scene has witnessed many major events within just a few couples of days. The third biggest streaming platform in China Panda TV went bankrupt, resulting in its shutting down its streaming channel and its partnership with LoL World Champion IG. Therefore IG has to sign another deal with Douyu.

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Last week was quite a rough week with IG

But those pieces of news will not be welcomed by all the gaming and esports community like this news: China has officially announced and confirmed that two positions within the esports industry to be the official professions in their country.

On April 3, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China gave out an official announcement that “esports professional” and “esports operator” would now be the two new professions in the country. According to the statement by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China, the government of China will assign the profession ”esports professional” with two seperated codes for each profession.

The official announcement by CMHRSS, with 2 esports professions in the red box

This official announcement from CMHRSS has been foreseen. On February 6th, the CMHRSS has published a draft of a list of jobs that would be recognized as official professions in the country. These two esports positions have been named in the draft list. However, in the final list, some jobs have been removed. We can see that this is an excellent sign for the gaming and esports industry since they are now being recognized by the community.

China Esports Recap April 3
The esports scene of China has been realized by the community