Ubisoft, the famous game developer from French is expanding its reach into the animated television business with several new projects in the work. Most notable amongst them are two series based on Watch Dogs and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Watch Dogs 0
The original Watch Dogs was amongst the best open-world games made by Ubisoft

The Watch Dogs based series is described as a toned-down version of the usual Watch Dogs experience, as the hacker in this cartoon is just a teenager. The series’ main demographic is tweens. Currently, it is unclear where the show would take place, however, Chicago, San Francisco, and London are currently the first three most likely location. Below is the concept art of the show, with a middle school girl standing above a cybernetic version of herself reflected by the floor.

Ubisoft Untitled Cybermysteries Embed
The concept art of the show looks amazing

The next series, the one that is based on Far Cry: Blood Dragon is named Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Vibe. This project would be controlled by Adi Shankar of Castlevania fame. Similar to the Watch Dogs show, there is not much information available about this series yet, however, the concept art for it shows a neon-lined setting, filled with the 80s’ aesthetics that stays true to the original game’s vibe.

Blood Dragon
Looks like its another adventure into the neon skies of the 80s

Both these games are M-rated franchise so you can expect a scaled-down version of the story, as the shows are being developed for a younger crowd.

For even younger audiences, there would be yet another new show based on Rayman, a platforming game series. The already established Rabbids animated series was initially a spin-off of Rayman.

Rayman 2 Bby 0
Rayman is more or less a kid-friendly franchise

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