A video taken from TikTok in which a group of US soldiers asked some local Syrians if they knew about the ex-adult actress Mia Khalifa has been blowing up on various social media platforms, including Twitter. But some people have not taken kindly to the inappropriateness and lack of professionalism from the soldiers.

In the TikTok video that was posted by active-duty soldier Richard Wolfgang on his account, you can see a group of men dressed in military uniforms chatting with other local Syrians. The first caption says: “We asked them if they watch Mia Khalifa.”

When the local Syrian men still look confused, a soldier describes the former p*rnstar in detail by saying: "She's a...girl". The subsequent captions say "They didn't understand" and "Should've studied more Arabic".

But the reactions to the video have not been quite what the poster was expecting. Many comments below the tweet that re-uploaded the video are critical of the immaturity of the soldiers' behaviors.

US Soldiers Asking Syrians About Mia Khalifa TikTok Video

User @wardcarroll calls out the way the soldiers were trying to make the people there look foolish: “Yeah, treat the locals like they’re idiots because they’re not porn-literate. Hearts and minds like you read about. Good job, Army.”

Another user criticizes how much money must be wasted if US soldiers deployed overseas look to be doing useless things: "This shit is costing us millions per day."

"we pay incomprehensible amounts of money to fund chucklefucks like these harassing the colonized peoples under their bootheel. amazing" was what @taracharamod said.

Mia Khalifa, who was born in the neighboring country Lebanon, has been a controversial figure in the Middle East after her p*rn career reached its greatest height. After a video of her was released in which she wore a hijab during a p*rn shoot, the current social media influencer even received death threats from the terrorist group ISIS.

Although it has been several years since her former career, Khalifa still gets associated with her most 'famous' job, especially as she is locked in a feud with her previous employers over treatment of women in the p*rn industry and her low pay despite the videos' popularity.

On the other hand, the fact that an active US military soldier was freely using TikTok during his deployment seems to not align well with what the US government under Trump has been trying to do to the Chinese-owned social media app.

Jared Keller, who reposted the original video on Twitter, wrote on his blogs that "the soldiers are posting TikTok videos from Syria, where roughly 800 U.S. service members are currently deployed, raises questions regarding the use of the popular app and operational security.”

US Soldiers Asking Syrians About Mia Khalifa TikTok Video

However, netizens were more concerned with the soldiers' behaviors when overseas rather than the fact that one of them was using TikTok.

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