Do you know who Venom – the character – belongs to?

If you think immediately Marvel, congratulation. You, just like quite a lot of movie-goers are wrong.

Yes, Venom was a character created by Marvel, but the filming rights belong completely to Sony Pictures. From the resounding success of Venom in the box office – surpassing the performance of Wonder Woman and Spider-Man alike. It is obvious that Sony would have plans for a sequel in store for us in the future.

Indeed, Jeff Pinker – Venom’s co-writer – during an interview with Discussing Films confirmed the existence of a sequel to come.

“I can’t say anything other than [a Venom sequel] is happening.” He said, during an interview uploaded onto YouTube.

But here’s the best bit, Pinker did whistle-blow a certain detail that could definitely amp up the hype of the waiting fans: “It is not impossible that in the future, upcoming Venom movie, Spider-Man will play a significant role.”

Well, I’ll be damned.

At the moment, Spider-Man, similar to Venom, is being owned by Sony. The only reason that Marvel was able to direct the recent Spider-Man: Homecoming was the inclusion of Sony’s team in the crew. If you were to take a long, hard look at the credits, you’d see that Spider-Man: Homecoming was a joint effort between Sony and Marvel. And you know what this means?

That is, just like Pinker had said, the future is bright for all those who are hoping for a cross-over between Spidey and Venom. With the two giants collaborating with great success, there’s no reason for them not to develop this working relationship even further. The very thought of seeing the two characters on the silver screen alone is enough drive for people to flock to the box office with no context given! It’s a darn money printer just waiting to activate.

Here’s another news for you. The interview with Pinker professing the plan for the next Venom was pulled from YouTube. There’s no other reason else for this to happen. Aside from the possibility that Pinker must've said too much about something that he’s not allowed to.

We don’t have all of the details. Hell, we don’t even know who would play the characters. Tom Hardy for Venom? The excellent Tom Holland for Spidey?

Wait and find out.