While social networks have kept developing rapidly, hot girls have approached these platforms more than ever. That leads to countless shocking incidents, sexy clips, or photos spreading on the Internet. Although these tricks are as old as the Earth, they still manage to help hot girls attract a large number of netizens and earn both fame and money in a short time. That’s also how Afree, a popular hot girl on Instagram, has recently done. It worth mentioning that her move didn’t only make her fans deeply shocked but she also attracted the attention of Instagram.

Hot Girl

It is said that Afree often rocks the netizens on Instagram due to her sexy photos. And the hot girl has recently celebrated her two-year-old career by posting a 2-second video clip showing off her sexy body in a nude bath. The netizens may even feel more shocked when realizing the hot girl was almost completely nude and without any protective suit. No need to talk about how excited the netizens felt but Afree must face lots of trouble.

Although the video lasts only two seconds, it was enough for her fans to see all they need to see. At present, the hot girl removed it on Instagram but the netizens have kept sharing it hours by hours.


There has been no specific information about whether she has got a ban or not. However, a permanent ban on Instagram is possible. It is obvious that celebrating her account’s second birthday is not a persuasive reason for her to avoid a strict ban. The only good news is that the hot girl manages to spread her image to the netizens.

Hot girl Afree now has more than 5 lakh followers on Instagram. She is known as one of the hottest models in Korea. On her private page, Afree has kept updating her latest impressive photos and received lots of support from the netizens.

Hot Girl 1

Hot Girl 2

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