While the Coronavirus pandemic has spread across the world, one of the simplest methods to protect yourself from this fatal virus is to wear a face mask. However, not all people are willing to put on it while going out. And the man from Meerut is an example.

Cover Face Rs 10 Note
Amir and the ten-Rupee-note facemask.

As being caught by a cop, two guys in Meerut were wandering on the streets and both didn’t wear a mask. One of them immediately used a handkerchief, and the second guy covered his face with a Rs 10 note.

Amir, the name of the second guy, explained why he did like that. It turned out that a face mask was too expensive for people like him. The price of a mask is Rs 40 while all he had was Rs 10. Amir also revealed that he and his friend lived in Parikshitgarh, Meerut, and they came to the city to get payment from their employer.

Face Mask
Here is how people across the world wear a facemask to prevent COVID-19. 100 points for their creativity!

When seeing the cops coming near, Amir and Mehboob, his friend, started to pretend to wander ‘without any goal’. Instead of face masks, they made use of their own belongings. For Mehboob, it was a handkerchief, and for Amir, it was a Rs 10 note.

Mona Lisa Facemask
Even Mona Lisa wears a face mask during the Coronavirus lockdown.

In an interview with IANS, Sanjeev Deshwal, a Circle officer of Civil Lines said that when seeing two guys passing by, he was on duty during the COVID-19 lockdown. The driver wore a handkerchief and the pillion passenger rapidly stuck a Rs 10 note on his face. When being asked, the pillion passenger (Amir) said he didn’t have a mask.

The officer further said he gave two masks to Amir and his friend. He also warned them not to step out without any face mask.

Additionally, an FIR got filed against the two guys according to IPC section 188 and corresponding sections in the Epidemic Diseases Act as they didn’t obey public servant’s orders. Amir and Mehboob were reportedly contractual workers.

Bra Masks
Bra masks are designed by Atsumi Fashion, an apparel company in Japan.

This incident in India isn’t the only one. Lots of people all over the world have used household items including plastic bottles and bin bags as reliable facemasks. Last month, a Japanese apparel company designed a kind of unique masks - bra masks that were sold out only after one minute on sale.

In a bid to prevent the Coronavirus, many countries have now ordered their citizens to wear face masks in public areas. They also give a fine for those who don’t wear a mask while wandering on the streets.