Wanyoo is coming

The biggest chain of gaming coffee shop, Wanyoo has just announced that they will open new e-sports studio in England, London at the end of this month, particularly the 29th.

After the opening, this new coffee shop would become the biggest e-sports studio in England. This studio will provide many gaming facilities, equipment, and PCs for the players. The studio will be designed to suit the needs of both casual and hardcore players.

Behind the studio is Wanyoo or more precisely Wanyoo Information Technology Co. Ltd, and the backing of Sicong Wang of Sephirex of 21 million pounds. Previously, the company has announced its mission to promote gaming in the UK.

The facility

The studio will be located on Charing Cross Road, it will have "12 battle areas", an area for public gaming, and also a space for mobile gaming. Moreover, this studio will also have many two-players rooms, group-gaming rooms with Xbox, PS4, 55-inch TV and sofas. They also designated 2 rooms for board games players.

Wanyoo The Biggest Gaming Cafe Chain Is Coming To
Group gaming room

In each room, there will also be a "bell button" for the gamer to call for assistance from the staff members, they guarantee that the help will be there in under 40 seconds to avoid interruption on the gaming experience.

Wanyoo The Biggest Gaming Cafe Chain Is Coming To
Battle stations

Being a member of this studio, players will also have the chance to receive many benefits from Invictus Games, Intel, Shanda Group, and Tencent and even Dota 2 and LOL as Wanyoo has already partnered up with them.

The company is also planning to develop in collaboration with e-sports societies and universities an online platform for gamers. This new platform will be the place to hold training sessions, events, and workshops for the public.

Is this real?

In this studio, Wanyoo will provide to the public around 50-70 popular games for console and PC, including some famous title such as PUBG, FIFA 19, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Dota 2, Fortnite, LOL… All the PCs in the studio will have those pre-installed and players could also install what you want to play by making a request.

You won't have to worry about the internet also because the studio will have a 1G dedicated network with  “UK 100M Premium China Traffic” to make sure your gaming experience as smooth as possible.

Wanyoo The Biggest Gaming Cafe Chain Is Coming To
The food bar

In the facility, you will also have a food bar, coffee bar, desks, sofas and high-speed access in an area of 5,330 sq.ft. There will also be a 120-inch projector screen which provides live streams broadcasts to the public.