According to Science Magazine, some new reports of the US scientists showed that the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, can spread on the air. It’s proved that this deadly virus can be spread through droplets. However, scientists now found out that COVID-19 can spread freely in the air, not solely via droplets like previous findings.

Coronavirus May Spread In The Air

The magazine quoted the evidence in a letter from Dr. Harvey Fineberg from the National Academy of Sciences to Kelvin Droegemeier in White House. The letter was sent on April 1st, saying that coronavirus can spread in the air when the patients breathe. In the letter, Dr. Fineberg said although there was no ultimate conclusion, this hypothesis can be true. He also claimed that it was the reason why the coronavirus pandemic was spreading at this insane speed.

Coronavirus May Spread By Breathing Or Talking
COVID-19 May Spread By Breathing Or Talking

As normal, droplets released from COVID-19 patients can only move for only two meters before dropping due to gravity. So, people can only get the infection by touching or inhaling those droplets containing SARS-CoV-2 viruses. That’s why the authorities in many countries warned that people didn’t need to wear masks, except for health officers. They said people can prevent coronavirus infection by keeping a safe distance and washing hands with soap or sanitizers.

Wearing Masks Is Important To Stay Safe From Coron
Wearing Masks Is Important To Stay Safe From COVID-19

However, if it’s true that coronavirus can spread in the air, the authorities and Governments of those countries should reconsider their warnings. Wearing a mask when stepping out is more important than ever before. 

Covid 19 Can Live And Spread In The Air
COVID-19 can live and spread in the air

Moreover, the WHO also confirmed that coronavirus can spread in many ways and through many channels. Therefore, people should wear masks to stay safe from coronavirus infection. Besides, we should also do other prevention methods like washing hands with soap and sanitizers, clean the house, and stay home for quarantine.