If I come across a coronavirus-positive case, can I get infected? The answer is ‘Yes’. Experts list four key elements leading to coronavirus infection: the distance between you and the coronavirus-positive case, the chance of patients’ droplets falling on you, the number of times you touch your face, and age and current health condition.

You May Get Coronavirus Infection By Crossing A Covid-19 Patient

Only by crossing or contacting coronavirus patients in the close range may you get infected. This deadly virus can reach your body in the droplets from a coronavirus-positive case. Then, it will enter your body and cause disease.

According to Professor Kin-on Kwok from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, this virus cannot transfer by itself. It spreads by a droplet of nasal mucus or spittle. So, when a patient releases these droplets when he coughs, sneezes, talks, sings, or just breathes, he can transfers the virus to you.

Coronavirus Infection Scare
Coronavirus spreads by a droplet of nasal mucus or spittle when someone coughs, sneeze, talks, or just breathes

Then, coronavirus will enter your body through eyes, nose, or mouth. So, coughing or sneezing is not the only way of coronavirus spread. Talking with patients without masks or eat together can make the virus spread among people.

The safe distance to prevent coronavirus spread, according to the US CDC, is about 2 meters. If you come in contact with coronavirus patients in a closer range, you will get infected. Moreover, there is no data but the longer you contact the patients, the higher the risk of infection you get.

Do Self Isolation And Self Quarantine To Prevent C
Do self-isolation and self-quarantine to prevent coronavirus spread

Can I know who is infected with coronavirus? The answer, unfortunately, is no. the incubation time of this virus is pretty long (more than 14 days). Moreover, the virus can still spread to others and cause infection during the incubation time. Besides, most coronavirus infection symptoms are mild and pretty similar to the flu’s symptoms. Some of the patients even don’t show any symptoms. So, it’s hard to know who is positive with Covid-19.

Always Wear Masks And Avoid Close Contact
Always Wear Masks And Avoid Close Contact If Unnecessary

Therefore, to protect you from coronavirus, you must take precautions and do self-quarantine. Don’t come in contact with others if unnecessary.