Everyone can get the coronavirus infection and have to take precautions. But people with these 8 diseases have higher risks of coronavirus infection and suffering from severe symptoms. Those patients should be more careful to avoid infection.


People with diabetes have weaker immune systems due to high and fluctuating blood sugar. So, they are more vulnerable to coronavirus and other respiratory diseases. Moreover, Covid-19 can cause severe side-effects in those patients. So, diabetes patients have to monitor the blood sugar index when showing infection symptoms like cough, fever, and breathlessness.

Coronavirus And Diabetes
People with diabetes have higher risks of coronavirus infection

Heart Diseases

According to The Sun, 40 percent of Covid-19 cases suffer from heart diseases due to weak immunity. Coronavirus mainly attacks our lungs but it can still affect our hearts. So, it’s still risky for people with heart diseases when their hearts have to work harder to push blood with oxygen to the whole body.


Asthma is a chronic disease that happens when inflammation makes the windpipe muscle spasm. It also makes patients’ windpipe swelling and narrow. Emma Rubach, the expert in Asthma treatment in the UK said asthma patients have a higher risk of coronavirus infection. Then, she also warns those patients to control their health condition well. Moreover, they have to always bring the drug with them for timely treatment.

Asthma Patients
Asthma patients are also more vulnerable to coronavirus

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

This disease cause breathlessness. People with this disease are more vulnerable to coronavirus infection because this virus causes illness in your respiratory tract. COPD patients can get infected easily when the virus Covid-19 breaks the epithelium and immune system to enter their bodies. So, experts advised those people not to contact coronavirus patients.


People with cancers are also more prone to get coronavirus infection because their immune system is damaged. Moreover, the side effects of cancer treatment also make immunity weaker. Thus, Covid-19 can grow quickly in those patients.

Coronavirus And Cancer
Health officers say cancer patients suffer from more severe symptoms of coronavirus infection

Cystic Fibrosis

This disease makes your body produce thick and sticky mucus in the lungs and digestive organs. Then, it causes inflammation in the lungs and illness to the digestive system. Therefore, people with Cystic Fibrosis can suffer from side effects of coronavirus infection.

Immunodeficiency Diseases

As your immunity is weaker, it’s a chance for viruses to penetrate your body, grow, and cause illness. Your bodies cannot fight against harmful germs, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Doctors advise people with immunodeficiency diseases strictly follow coronavirus protection instructions of experts. Moreover, those patients have to ask for help if showing any infection symptoms to get timely treatments.

Smokers Have Higher Risks Of Coronavirus Infection

Smoking is not a disease but smokers definitely have a higher risk of coronavirus infection due to weaker lungs’ functions. Saskia Popescu, a quarantine expert, said all smokers bare higher risks of coronavirus infection.

Give Up Smoking To Protect You From Coronavirus
Give Up Smoking To Protect You From Coronavirus