We are living in the era of the video game industry, and that is perhaps the most wonderful thing for gamers like us. We can literally play our favorite games on our mobile phones anytime we want, any places we want. But having incredibly easy access to video games does have some disadvantages, and the health problems are the first things. Regular gamers have to deal with all kinds of health problems, mostly injuries caused by wrong gaming postures.

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This is definitely not a good gaming posture

The way you sit while playing games is extremely important because you normally sit like that for hours. Long gaming sessions are fine, but you have to sit correctly. That is why the term “ergonomics” is often mentioned when it comes to how you sit and organize your gaming corner. This term is important, and it is also important that we follow it. But what does “ergonomics” exactly mean, and how do we follow it? Let’s come to the answers right below.

What do we mean by saying "ergonomics"?

Alright, let’s take a look at the definition of “ergonomics” before we go any further. To be honest, the word “ergonomics” has a very broad meaning at first. According to the IEA - International Ergonomics Association – the term “ergonomics” has the definition as followed.

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The original definition of ergonomics

But of course, that definition does not have much connection to the video game industry. In our industry, whenever we say “ergonomics,” we want to talk about the way gamers interact with their tools and hardware. That means how you sit, how you place your devices, and how you actually use your mobile phones (or mice and keyboards) are all called “ergonomics.” And we do have solid reasons to believe that the current standards for “ergonomics” nowadays are nowhere near enough.

What ergonomic issues are gamers dealing with the most?

Oh, there are tons of ergonomic issues caused by video games. Literally, the most-used parts of your bodies, while you play video games, will be affected. That means your hands and your wrists are the first victims. Health problems relating to these two parts of the body are the most common ones, and the situation has been like this since the 1980s. You will surely have to press buttons continuously, place your fingers in strange positions, and move your mice a lot while playing games. Those actions will put your hands and wrists in vulnerable positions for sure.

See the hand of this pro player? He is putting his hand is a terrible position

Another important part of your body that you should take care of carefully is your eyes. Looking at screens for too long without some breaks can be entertaining for you guys, but not for your eyes. If you keep your eyes working for too long, vision loss is inevitable. Moreover, hands and wrists problems will come for gamers of some genres only, but eye problems will come to all gamers, regardless of our gaming genres.

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Eye problems caused by video games are popular too

Once your body has some problems, the first consequences will be your poor gaming results. Maybe you won’t have to visit the doctor, but we can be absolutely sure that you will lose a lot of matches once your body is in a bad state. We play games to have fun, but it will not be entertaining at all when your body is in pain, and you can’t win a proper match.

Who take responsibility for gaming ergonomics?

Whenever we start this topic, at least 90% of people believe that gamers alone are the ones who cause these problems for themselves, so they have to deal with it themselves. But that is not the truth. That is only half of the truth. To fully tackle the ergonomic issues coming from gaming, the manufacturers of gaming devices have a lot of things to do as well.

That does not mean gamers don’t have to do anything. To achieve the “ergonomics,” both gamers and manufacturers have to work together. We will talk more about the responsibilities of each side right below.


First thing first, manufacturers have to work closely with health experts so that they can bring out the best products. Those products have to honor the organically healthy postures. This is only to prevent gamers from injuries after long gaming sessions. Manufacturers have to assume that a normal gaming session will last at least four hours so that they can prepare their products properly.

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Holding phones like this to play games for hours is not good, and perhaps we should have a new design for gaming phones

Besides having good designs, the material for those products has to be good as well. A lot of gamers with a tight budget can’t afford high-end products, and the affordable ones for them do not feature good materials. The bad materials will make them put their hands and fingers in weird positions, and there come the injuries.

And last but not least, instructions. Manufacturers have to include instructions for all of their products. Yes, almost all electronic products have instructions, but a lot of those instructions are not easy to understand at all. Making good instructions that can show gamers how to use the products ergonomically is as important as making ergonomic products.


Well, to be fair, we have to take responsibility for our own health. Playing games is good, but you have to play it right. First of all, you have to take some breaks regularly, even though you use ergonomic products correctly. Your eyes need to rest, and they can’t rest if you keep looking at the screens of your devices.

Do you want to put on thick glasses like that because of games?

The next thing that you have to do is following the instructions from the manufacturers. They have taken paid the experts to know how to use their devices correctly, so we should listen and follow them. There are a lot of new devices that have different ways to hold and use from the classic models, and we should follow the instructions of those devices. If the classic models were still good, they would never make a new model.

This third piece of advice from us may sound obvious, but it is true. If you can afford the high-end devices, take them. A few extra crores are not that important, but your health is the most important thing. If you can, we recommend having a good chair and a lot of light in your gaming corner.

How Playing Video Games For Too Long Affects Your
Never play in the dark like this

Last but not least, exercising. Pro gamers now have to take exercises every day to keep their best forms. They usually spend 2-3 hours a day in the gym. Now we do not say that we have to be like them, but taking a walk for 30 minutes a day (or a similar exercise) is our recommendation.