"Dark Phoenix," releasing at cinemas this weekend, would be the 12th film in "X-Men"series, and the last significant film produced by the Fox studio before it had been owned by Disney. Nevertheless, the film removed the title "X-Men" from its U.S. label, which is considered as one indication that it was flopped from the beginning.

Surprisingly, it's one of a kind film in the major "X-Men" movie series that doesn't include in its title of the mutants superhero group. It got away with spin-offs such as "Logan" and "Deadpool," but they're hardly the core storyline of the franchise.

X Men Dark Phoenix 01
The poster of latest X-Men movie have drawn attention from the title.

The director of "Dark Phoenix," and experienced blockbuster producer and writer, Simon Kinberg, described that the change to remove "X-Men" out of the heading was to "indicate that it's a more character-driven movie."

"We really wanted to indicate that this is the 'Dark Phoenix' story and that she's at the center of this story", Kinberg have revealed to Collider since October. "She's definitely the A-plot in this movie. It's all about this plot that focuses on Jean / Dark Phoenix as the real topic of the film, not just simply an object." But there might be a reasonable thinking about this title approach.

Dark Phoenix
Jean - The Dark Phoenix is the center of the story.

In certain global markets, the film is called "X-Men: Dark Phoenix," and somehow the franchise has achieved more global accomplishment than in the domestic box office as always. As Jason Guerrasio of Business Insider revealed, in addition to the first three, each "X-Men" film has earned more cash overseas.

It indicates that after almost 20 years of producing these films, Fox seems to become untrustworthy anymore to the U.S. "X-Men" concept, which is not really a positive sign of performance for a movie. "Dark Phoenix's" made in 2016 sibling, "X-Men: Apocalypse," received only $160 million counted in the United States and earned a critical rating of 47% Rotten Tomatoes. "Dark Phoenix" is now beginning to get worse.

Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix

Boxoffice.com estimated that "Dark Phoenix" would gain $47 million in long-term film tracking in its first weekend in North America. This latest movie should have been the lowest opening of all the franchise film of X-Men, behind "The Wolverine" in 2014, which created $53 million. However, "Dark Phoenix" is recently reviewed as the worst in "X-Men" series with a critical rating of 21% on Rotten Tomatoes, and might further affect their opportunities at the box office.

The premiere of "Dark Phoenix" has also been delayed not once but twice, generally a sign of difficulty for the film. In November, it was previously set to release, then decided to move to February, then to June. The film suffered considerable reshoots that changed its ending significantly.

Dark Phoenix 3
Dark Phoenix is the last movie in X-Men series produced by Fox.

"There was more of a cosmic story … the story ended in space in a much more significant way," producer Hutch Parker shared to Digital Spyin May."We actually shifted that to be back on Earth, most notably, so that we can involve our main characters and see them come together." Whatever happens to "Dark Phoenix," the future of the franchise is now in the control of Disney and Marvel Studios.