Recently, Disney released a fascinating trailer featuring its new Aladdin live-action movie. While it was a good trailer with great shots of actions, the colorful city, mysterious desert, but what's really intriguing is in the end, with the appearance of the mighty Genie.

He is portrayed by Will Smith and I'm sure that you can easily notice something while having watched it closely.

At first, I think that this CGI version of Genie looks so hilarious. He is completely a real-life copy of the 1992 animation film Aladdin from Disney. He has complete blue skin with that classic pointy beard and a ponytail emanating from his bald head. He even looks as muscular just like Will Smith had been hitting the gym.

Will Smith Aladdin Genie
At least Will Smith can now satisfy those fans who have been constantly complaining about the Genie not being blue in the previous trailers.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Will Smith admitted that playing Genie in the new live-action version is not an easy job. If you have watched the animated film of the franchise then you should know that its classic version portrayed by Robin Williams was a true masterpiece that merely no one can surpass.

Though having confirmed that there wasn't too much "meat on the bone" after Williams' iconic performance, Smith was also encouraged by the confidence that he could make something different and "infuse" the character with his features. He hoped to bring up the "hip-hop" vibe for Genie as to make his version unique enough but still respect the premier version.

Aladdin Poster Disney Remake Will Smith

Aladdin live-action film is directed by the famous director of Sherlock Holmes: Guy Ritchie, so we can surely hope there will be some thrilling and action elements. Our beloved protagonist Aladdin is played by Mena Massoud and Jasmine is portrayed by Naomi Scott. The Sultan and Jafar are played by Navid Negahban and Marwan Kenzari respectively. The music part of the film will just as classic and nostalgic since Alan Menken is back, bringing new tunes for it.

Aladdin is expected to be released on May 24.