Coronavirus outbreak is the greatest concern in the world now. The number of positive cases and deaths due to this pandemic is rising uncontrollably. There are 137 Covid-19-positive cases in India, including 24 foreigners. The governments and authorities are working hard to control this pandemic.

Does Drinking Alcohol Kill Coronavirus
Does Drinking Alcohol Kill Covid-19?

Meanwhile, lots of people are trying different methods to kill coronavirus, including using alcohol. However, does drinking alcohol keep you safe from Covid-19? Here’s the answer from the World Health Organization (WHO). Check it out with

Drinking Alcohol Does Not Kill Coronavirus

If the virus SARS-CoV-2 has entered your body already, drinking alcohol or spraying it on your body doesn’t work. It’s confirmed by WHO. Moreover, health experts said praying this liquid on your body can do harm to your mucus membranes like mouth and eyes.

27 Men Drink Alcohol To Fight Coronavirus Died Of
27 men from Iran, drink alcohol to fight Covid-19, died of alcohol poisoning

In addition, drinking alcohol doesn’t protect you from this virus. In contrast, it would be harmful to your health if you drink too much. Recently, 27 men in Iran died of alcohol poisoning when trying to keep themselves safe from coronavirus. They heard that drinking alcohol could fight coronavirus and they tried. However, they died of alcohol poisoning before getting infected.

How To Use Alcohol To Fight Coronavirus Correctly?

Instead of drinking or spraying it on yourselves, you’d better use chlorine and alcohol to eliminate coronavirus on the surfaces. As experts warned, SARS-CoV-2 viruses can live for up to three days on some surfaces. So, consuming beer or alcohol products cannot help you fight coronavirus. Instead, you can use them to disinfect your houses and items.

Eliminate Coronavirus On The Surfaces
Eliminate Covid-19 Viruses On The Surfaces With Alcohol

Besides, you should use hand sanitizers with over 60% alcohol to kill microbes. This drink can attack the virus and germs on surfaces. But when you have got infected with Covid-19, drinking alcohol doesn’t help.