Today, the total number of coronavirus cases in the world has passed 1.4 million, with over 82k deaths. COVID 19 is definitely on the way to becoming one of the worst pandemics ever in modern history. The weirdest part about the virus is that not every patient has the same symptoms. There are a lot of related symptoms - some people were hit super hard, but to some, COVID-19 is just mild flu. Why is that? In this analysis below, we would attempt to figure this mystery out.

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We are still mostly in the dark about this virus

A lot of people have different symptoms

The most popular symptoms of COVID-19 is high fever, coughing, and breathing problem - however, there are reports mentioned that a lot of patients suffered from symptoms unrelated to their respiratory system. Based on a Chinese research in the Hubei Region of China, out of 204 patients tested, over half of them showing problems in the digestive system like anorexia, queasy or diarrhea.

Corona Virus
The virus has a huge range of symptoms

Another report published in the New York Times states that sometimes patients show problems in their nervous system such as cerebral edema, convulsion or epilepsy. Some other patients suffer heart problems along with muscle pain and severe headaches. Finally, there are some patients, while tested positive, is completely without any symptoms.

Reasons behind the different reactions between cases

There are a lot of reasons behind how the body reacts to Coronavirus. Firstly, it would be based on the current state of the infected person. Older people would be more vulnerable because of their weakened immune system, along with other health issues they already have. People with existing heart, lung or blood sugar problem would definitely get hit harder.

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Being near an infected for hours would cause the most severe symptoms - doctors and healthcare workers have to endure a lot of risks

Secondly, the severity of Coronavirus's symptoms would be based on how much the person was exposed to the virus. Getting infected by just touching something that was cough on by a patient would deliver a smaller amount of the virus inside your body than let's say sitting next to a patient for hours.

Overall, it is still too soon to create a precise conclusion on the main question of "Why the Coronavirus affect different people differently?". Other elements like diet, tobacco, medical care, genes are yet to be considered. Overall, the best way to combat the virus is to prevent yourself from getting infected in the first place.

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