Coronavirus is a parasite that lives in the human body. Like other living things and viruses, it can be killed and removed by a vaccine. But a coronavirus vaccine hasn’t been found although scientists all over the world have been attempting for months. Why is it so difficult to produce a coronavirus vaccine? Here are the answers of experts. Check it out here with 

Why Is Coronavirus Vaccine Difficult To Be Developed?

Doctor William Haseltine is a reputable scientist who is famous for his distribution to finding cures for HIV/AIDS, anthrax, etc. He had an interview with Salon press and answered us why the coronavirus vaccine is difficult to produce. He said researchers have tested many vaccines on animals like monkeys but they didn’t succeed. Then, they switched to other methods like using protein on the surface of COVID-19 but the effect doesn’t last long. 

Hard To Develop Coronavirus Vaccine
Scientists In The World Are Working Hard To Make A Vaccine For COVID-19

He claimed that humans haven’t invented any vaccine to fight coronavirus yet. He also said it was difficult to predict when we would find a coronavirus vaccine. But he also added some information.

He said many viruses enter our bodies, our immune system reacts to them but cannot kill them. The membranes of some viruses are too invisible that our immune systems cannot spot and prevent the viruses. Therefore, it’s harder to study and find a vaccine to fight those viruses.

They Are Trying Different Methods
They Are Trying Different Methods And Testing Many Cures

According to the Doctor, using the wrong protein couldn’t help kill coronavirus. He said inventing a vaccine for coronavirus was definitely difficult and struggling. The methods we are carrying out haven’t shown any positive results.

Coronavirus Vaccine Trial
They Even Injected Coronavirus Vaccine Trials In Human

There are many other ways to study and find the vaccine, one of which is raising viruses to kill them. They used this method in inventing the vaccine for poliovirus. However, unlike poliovirus, coronavirus has a membrane.

Its Hard To Make A Covid 19 Vaccine
But it's hard to make a COVID-19 vaccine and may take longer than expected

Another way is extracting protein from this virus, then adding excipients to create a complete vaccine. Of course, it is difficult to do. That’s why no one in the world has succeeded in finding a coronavirus vaccine. Moreover, this virus activates strongly and makes it difficult to find an ultimate cure.