The reason behind why PewDiePie spoke up about YouTube copy strike?

Earlier this month on the 5th of April to be exact, PewDiePie has spoken out about this copy strike issue of him. On a stream, he bemoaned about the earning state of his videos in which he said his comments about Dr. Phil episodes. He even said that he is considering to go to court about this issue.

On the main issue, he said “I wanna make Dr. Phil videos, but all of them get claimed by copy strike,” and “I mean, I should probably go to court. I mean, that’s probably hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.”

The troubles with MrBeast's copyright

In fact on the subject of copyright strike, there were many other YouTubers used to struggling with the copyright system of YouTube. For example, we have James Donaldson 'MrBeast' who has been talking a lot about this problem on Twitter. He said that because of this unfair system he has been pushed to rely on the merchandise to make a profit.

MrBeast twitted on Twitter that:

Will Pewdiepie Going To Court Against Copyright St

That's even not all of it yet. He used to have one of his famous videos been demonetized just because one of the members in his team hummed a copy-protected song in that video. YouTube did that eventhough that the claimant doesn't own that tune either.

YouTube income of PewDiePie

Despite this revenue loss because of the copyright issue, on March 29 PewDiePie has revealed about his YouTube income. He estimates that he made about $3,400/h on an average video.

He also gave out hints that his total net worth may be at about $20 million.

Having these big numbers, Pew still has a very light outlook on his wealth. He claims that he is trying to live as modest as possible to avoid money changes his original lifestyle which has brought his success.

Will Pewdiepie Going To Court Against Copyright St
PewDiePie's net worth

After this message, he has reached another breaking milestone with 93 million subscribers with his new diss track  ‘Congratulations’.