The netizens in China have recently got deeply shocked at the incident about a woman called Zhang - a mother of two children in Beijing - going viral on social networks. To get more specific, according to a report, this woman was romantically involved with more than 300 men within two years while her husband was busy with work. That means she had an affair with a new man every two days or more in 730 days (two years). It is such a shocking figure that no one can believe it’s the truth.

Woman Affair

According to the media, Mrs. Zhang started her “career’ in 2017. She created a series of fake accounts on social networks and then introduced herself as a single mom to facilitate cheating on young men with a lack of experience.

Furthermore, this woman is even supposed to use charms or fetishes to seduce, as well as to cheat on victims for money and love. The report then pointed out that she earned up to 4 lakh CNY (about Rs44.5 lakh) and there were a variety of reasons for her scams, such as helping her pay the rent or the medical bills or take care of her children.

The message from Zhang and her victims.

However, her tricks were finally exposed when one of her victims suddenly checked her profile data in August. Right after realizing what’s happening, the man felt annoyed and betrayed by his lover. He rapidly informed the authorities and Zhang was soon arrested. It’s weird that even her family members didn’t know anything about what this bad woman has done for the recent two years.

Speaking of Zhang’s husband, he initially felt shocked by her arrest but then happy after knowing her terrible behaviors. It is said that Zhang may be sentenced to 8 years and a half in prison, as well as compensate up to 40k CNY (about Rs4.4 lakh). She admitted that the whole amount from her affairs was poured into online gambling. This case has received a lot of interest from the netizens.

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