Ever since the director of Wonder Woman 1984, Patty Jenkins, leaked the photo of Steve Trevor alive and perfectly fine in 1984, fans have been speculating a lot about the plot of the movie and what might happen. How can a guy who died in 1918 can possibly comeback without any changing in his appearance? Is he actually alive? The first trailer of Wonder Woman 1984 that was just released yesterday allows us to get a little deeper into the details of the story. You can check out the first trailer of Wonder Woman 1984 below.

Now, from the trailer, Steve is clearly alive and even go through some missions along with Diana to "save the world". We also get to see the two main antagonists of Wonder Woman 1984, Cheetah and Maxwell Lord. Cheetah has a little bit different story here as she is portraited as Diana's best friend, which makes her story even more tragic.

Wonder Woman 1984 Official Trailer 0 12 Screenshot A4ca_wm
Cheetah is Diana's best friend in Wonder Woman 1984, making her story more tragic

However, this trailer focuses more on Maxwell, the son of a rich businessman and a villain of the Justice League in DC. The trailer clearly implies that he is the one who brought Steve back as he offers Diana "everything you have ever wanted" through one of his commercials. But in return for granting wishes to everyone, he also gets something in return for himself.

Wonder Woman 1984 Official Trailer 1 11 Screenshot 4940_wm
Maxwell's source of power

Maxwell is actually just a normal human, but the trailer has shown us a glimpse of how he gets his power, from a magical stone.

Wonder Woman 1984 Official Trailer 2 7 Screenshot Af76_wm
Wonder Woman's Golden Eagle Armor

Wonder Woman 1984 Official Trailer 1 31 Screenshot 785e_wm
Inside the famous Invisible Jet

In the next few scenes, we also get to see some new powerup and stunning moments of Wonder Woman such as swinging in the sky using the Lasso of Truth between lighting bolts or her famous invisible jet plane or the gorgeous Golden Eagle Armor.

Wonder Woman 1984 is expected to be released on 5 June 2020.