While the whole world is suffering from COVID-19, a Japanese lawmaker visited a sex parlor and hence, violated the lockdown measures that have been recently enacted. His name is Takashi Takai.

Takashi Takai.

Shukan Bunshun reported that the 50YO lawyer has been among members of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan. He was found to visit a “seku kyaba” (also known as sexy cabaret) on April 09. The entertainment venue is located in Kabukicho, a famous red-light district in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

For those unknown, workers of sexy cabarets are topless women. Bunshun revealed that the opposition lawmaker enjoyed sexual services in the parlor for 02 hours. These services allowed him to touch cabaret girls’ breasts, as well as have deep kisses with them.

Back to two days ago, on April 15, the Japanese government urged its citizens to stay at home when the Coronavirus has shown no sign of ending. The lockdown is now applied in the whole country, instead of some provinces as in the previous period. Besides, the COVID-19 related deaths are likely to touch 400,000 if the government doesn't promote necessary measures to protect its citizens.

At the end of March, Tokyo Governor Koike discouraged individuals to go out in the evening. She also emphasized establishments which often operate until the morning.

Japan urges its citizens to maintain social distancing due to COVID-19.

After the incident had happened, Takashi Takai had a 50-minute discussion with a reporter. However, he basically refused to make any comment. Finally, he just issued an apology and committed that he would work “as a member of the Diet” in the future.

The incident led to his resignation from the Constitutional Democratic Party on April 14. But the party decided to expel him right after that. As Chief Cabinet Secretary, the politician Yoshihide Suga said that all Members of Parliament should have responsibilities for what they did, as well as to the public. He also expressed his regrets to Takai’s incident.

Renho, another member of the Democratic Party, posted a tweet saying that the lawmaker’s act showed the lack of irresponsibility and he deserved resignation.

The red-light district Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo.